Wednesday, 18 April 2012

First off. let me apologise for my lack of postings and new software over the last few months. This was in part due to experiencing a heart attack in December, and following this, I have been concentrating on developing work on a self employed basis.

But now on to the latest release.

Buttonista is an application which resides in the System Tray, and adds sounds to the left and right mouse button click action. Not what would immediately spring to mind as assistive software, this does work well in engaging children and anyone who experiences cognitive problems, by making mouse use fun. The differing sounds help to differentiate between the left and right where there is any left/right confusion.

There are 14 sound options, one of which is the ability to select your own wav files. The setup includes two demo sound files in the main application folder, however the options can be located anywhere on your computer. All settings are retained between sessions, and there is also an option to allow Buttonista to start with Windows.

As usual, this is available for download at the website

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